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Artist Scott Burns Arrested on Charges of Child Pornography


A 45-year-old Alvin High School art teacher, Houston artist Scott Burns, was arrested yesterday on charges of possession of child pornography, KTRK-TV reports. His arrest followed his removal from the Alvin campus on Tuesday after accusations surfaced of his using former students as models for risqué paintings and drawings. The investigation determined that all former students that Burns used as models were adults at the time they posed, however the alleged discovery of child pornography in his home led to his arrest.

Scott Burns is a well-known artist in the Houston area, and his work has been reviewed in Houston Press, ARTLIES and Art in America.

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  1. Ashley Shawver

    I can’t get over this…this guy was a great teacher and a close friend to me …one of my favorites at that… I just can’t understand why …why people are so deranged like this… I’m torn dude… your not at all who I thought you where 🙁

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