Damien Hirst Artworks Stolen from Christmas Show

One of the stolen works: Damien Hirst, Pyronin Y, 2005

One of the stolen works: Damien Hirst, Pyronin Y, 2005

The BBC London News reports that two artworks by Damien Hirst were stolen from the Exhibitionist Gallery in Notting Hill early Monday morning. The gallery only opened this past September and spent weeks negotiating loans for the Hirst pieces, which the gallery manager called “a bit of a coup,” adding: “We wanted Hirst to be in the Christmas show and to help raise our profile and to show people we can get the big names in, so it’s a big hit and here’s hoping insurance will cover it, if it doesn’t it will probably take us under.”

At this point, the police are looking for a single thief who seems to have targeted the two Hirst “dot” works by the 1995 Turner Prize winning artist, as other works in the gallery were ignored. Needless to say, the new gallery is not having a joyous holiday. But the thief may have just been confused and, in the spirit of the season, wish to return the works (valued at over $54,000) and visit zazzle.com for wrapping paper at just $32.95 per roll.

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6 responses to “Damien Hirst Artworks Stolen from Christmas Show”

  1. Somebody should ask Thom Andriola what happened to those paintings. Meanwhile, Peter Young is probably pained just now over this. (Damien Hirst stole the dots from Peter)

    1. …get a life…

  2. Just frame the wrapping paper. No one will notice.

  3. The real offender here is the person who values the missing work “at over $54,000.”

  4. Someone should ask Barbara Davis what happened to those paintings…

  5. I will find you. Have a nice 2014, “Poopy”

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