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Peveto Hosts Auction Watch; Dia Works Still up for Sale

sothebysIf you missed the Christies live auction-watch at Houston’s Peveto art management company/gallery tonight, you can still make tomorrow night’s Sotheby’s party. Scott Peveto says they’ve been hosting the live auction nights in hopes that they “will create more interest in the study of the art market and greater interest in the outcome of the auctions.”

But anyone placing friendly bets on final auction prices can now forget about getting long odds on whether or not the works from the Dia Art Foundation, which has a strong showing in Wednesday’s auction, would be pulled from the sale. This morning, Dia Founders Heiner and Fariha Friedrich announced that they were withdrawing their lawsuit against Sotheby’s and the Dia Foundation, although the still expressed their disappointment with the selling of the works. “Such an action is utterly wrong, and is against Dia’s mission,” they stated. “Dia, however, is our precious child, and we do not wish to continue to oppose it through legal action.”

If you would like to learn more about how auctions work (or what type of people go to an auction watch), call Peveto or RSVP to info@peveto.org; they will also be happy to send a PDF list of the auction art works.

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