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What the JFK Assassination Tells Us About Dallas (That’s the Subtitle)

There are all sorts of exhibitions, events and book releases happening in the Dallas/Fort Worth area this year of the 50th anniversary of President Kennedy’s assassination—some more thoughtful, relevant, or fascinating than others. And some of these have a promising, intriguing title. UT Dallas’ CentralTrak will be presenting two short lectures called “Welcome to Nut Country! (What the JFK Assassination Tells Us About Dallas)” on November 8 at 7 pm.


Welcome to Nut Country!

The organizers promise that the lectures will be “extracting meaning from the hoopla,” and will be presented by scholars Michael Phillips, professor of history at Collin County College, author of White Metropolis: Race, Ethnicity and Religion in Dallas, 1841-2001 (University of Texas Press, 2006); and Tom Stone, professor of English at SMU, who teaches a class entitled Making History, which examines the ways art and literature construct historical meaning.

The discussion is hosted in conjunction with the group exhibition The Artists’ Commission, opening at Gray Matters Gallery, November 22, and will be moderated by exhibition curator Sally Warren.

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