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Artists to TXDot: Prada Marfa is Art and This is Why

Elmgreen and Dragset, the artist duo behind Prada Marfa, have released a statement with their thoughts on the Texas Department of Transportation’s decision to declare the installation illegal. There are no real surprises in the statement, patiently entitled “Prada Marfa: An Explainer,” starting with their premise that what’s advertising for the goose (or bunny), may not necessarily be advertising for the gander: “The right definition of advertisement must be based on criteria more accurate than just including any sign which contains a logo.” They then proceed to give a short lesson on contemporary art theory: “Prada Marfa is firmly positioned within a contemporary understanding of site specific art, but also draws strongly on pop art and land art…” Ballroom Marfa has posted the full statement on its website.

Meanwhile, some local folks put together a “Save Prada MarfaFacebook page last week and, so far, it has received almost 4,000 “likes.”


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