Job Post: Curator/Organizer of Unofficial Houston Art Fair (Fast-Acting Self-Starter Preferred)

Don’t say you’re faired out already, because the Texas Contemporary Art Fair is coming to town in just a few weeks (October 10-13), although without the smart, goofy, affordable, and unofficial side note entertainment of the Pan Art Fair.

Pan Art Fair 2012

Pan Art Fair 2012

Robert Boyd, author of the blog The Great God Pan Is Dead, occasional Glasstire contributor, and organizer of the 2012 Pan Art Fair announced today that he will not be repeating last year’s adventure “for a variety of reasons,” although he challenged others to pick up the mantle in his blog post. He threw out the costs of a room at the conveniently located Embassy Suites (“a lot cheaper than a booth at the Texas Contemporary Art Fair,” says Boyd) and suggested that several artists/curators could pitch in on the project. Takers?

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