Picasso Twerks at VMAs!

Those mourning the final loss of any remnant of Hannah Montana (as in Doc-Martins-stomping-out-a-cigarette final loss, as in the-wood-chipper-getting-rid-of-all-the-evidence final loss) may have missed the real newsworthy appearance in the most talked about performance of last night’s MTV VMA Awards: this “shout out” (i.e. death knell) to fine art!

MTV_PicassoPicasso has finally made it to the masses in bad piƱata form, hailed as a symbol of celebrated luxury and excess (alongside gold watch, champagne bottle, and platinum credit card). Even with all of the posturing hunks and gyrating dancers in the house, this pathetic remake of Seated Woman with Wrist Watch (1932) was the most desirable thing on stage. (Can I bid on that with my gigantic fake credit card?)

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