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New App for Color Theory Nerds!

albersIn commemoration of the 50th anniversary of the bible of color theory, Josef AlbersInteraction of Color, Yale University Press has released an iPad version of the landmark educational tool. The app includes Albers’ original text, almost all of the original plates, commentary and videos. But artists and designers can totally geek out on the “Create” function, which allows users to play with the color wheel, create unique designs, and export them to social media.

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  1. Bill Davenport

    This is great! Fiddling with the controls for digital color display is a great way to understand the theory behind color perception, without being slowed down and confused by the complexities of paint, or the expense of color-aid paper. I used to refer students to various websites and the color pickers in Photoshop and other pieces of software to do this, but having these tools integrated with Albers’ wonderful text is convenient. Where was this when I was teaching?

  2. Allison Currie

    I was so mad that it wasn’t available for Android. Being as impatient as I am when I want an art thing, I found the new complete edition of the actual book on Amazon. It’s $250 on the Yale publishing site, but Amazon (devil that it is) had it for $150.

    I’m so weak… so very weak…

    It arrives Saturday.

    Hello. My name is Allison and I am an art book junkie.

  3. Paula Newton

    Hey, hey, hey, slow down!!! This from their site: “The free download allows you to view Chapter X, including text, commentary, and two interactive plates, and to experiment with all the features, including the color palette tool. The full version is available as an in-app purchase for $9.99.”
    Keep us posted!

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