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Democratic Digital Art for Sale: S[edition] Launches New Site

An expanded version of the web site s[edition] launched yesterday, creating a new platform for digital artists to sell their work to buyers around the world. If successful, more digital artists, who face difficulties selling work, might stand a chance at being able to support themselves through their art. As it stands now, many must resort to creating “objects” in order to make money.

The site allows artists working with a wide range of digital technologies to upload their work for sale (for TVs, smartphones, and tablet PCs). The range allows the inclusion of top-tier artists such as Damien Hirst, Tracy Emin, and Jenny Holzer in the “curated” section, but almost all of the limited edition works are under $200 (there are a number of pieces by Wim Wenders and Jane and Louise Wilson marked at only $8).

Damien Horst, Idolatry.  (It can be yours for $13.)

Damien Horst, Idolatry.
(It can be yours for $13.)

The article in the Hyperallergic Newsletter posits: “Is it time that the art world finally catches up to other evolving digital art spaces, democratizing the art buying process, deleting the middleman, woman or person, and making virtual editions for sale?”

also by Paula Newton
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