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Art Publisher to Release Steamy Novel, Bachmann Will Not Seek Reelection

On her campaign website, Michelle Bachmann announced today that she will not seek a fifth term in Congress next year. The New York Times points that this announcement comes just as the Office of Congressional Ethics looks into claims that she improperly used money raised by one of her political action committees to help her 2012 presidential bid. Of course, these insinuations come as no surprise to Bachmann, who said she expected “the mainstream liberal media to put a detrimental spin” on her decision.

Cover by Paul Chani, 2013

Cover by Paul Chani, 2013

Coincidentally, it also comes just before the release of a sexy romance novel heavily inspired by Bachmann. Badlands Unlimited, is due to release Fires of Siberia, by Tréy Sager, on June 1. It’s about a plucky presidential candidate who tries to bone up on her foreign policy credentials only to get stuck in the wilderness with a sexy stranger. Elspeth Reeve of the Atlantic Wire received an advance copy and shares a few choice excerpts of sexy cheese in her article.

Badlands Unlimited, called “one of the first, and certainly the most lewd, houses devoted solely to artistic e-books” by The Believer magazine, was started in 2010 by New York artist Paul Chan. It offers an eclectic mix of titles, including Marcel Duchamp: The Afternoon Interviews by Calvin Tomkins.

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