Museum District Catches Hoop Fever: All-Star Basketball Tomorrow, All-Star Art TODAY!

Tierney Malone's text pieces are a slam-dunk!

Tierney Malone

Pushing the pop-up art show to an extreme of topical ephemerality, Houston Gallery Zoya Tommy Contemporary has put together a celebratory one-day theme show in honor of the NBA all-Star game tomorrow with gallery artists including Tierney Malone, Guus Kemp, Ushio Shinohara, Frank x. Tolbert2 and guest artist JoAnnWilliams. Happening from 11-6 p.m. TODAY, Saturday, Feb. 16. They will also be serving the all-star cocktail. Stop by their new museum district space on the way to Michael Jordan’s birthday party at the MFAH.

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