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No Louver Lovers, Museum Tower Pokes Nasher in the Oculi

In a reply to Nasher Director Jeremy Strick’s public calls pressing the “louver solution” to the ongoing Museum Tower glare dispute,  Tower spokesperson Rebecca Shaw told CultureGrrl that a “recalibrated oculi treatment” in the Nasher’s roof is a better answer, or, if not that, the Tower’s researchers were looking at “very sophisticated nanotechnology” that might somehow help.  Meanwhile, they’re offerning a money-back guarantee to hesitant  condo buyers, but haven’t specified how that’s going to work, either.

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  1. Rainey Knudson

    Surely recladding the building would be cheaper than all this claptrap about louvers. There are plenty of mirror-ish skycrapers (Enron, for instance) that don’t burn up the grass in the neighborhood. The only reason it’s LEED certified is that it’s reflecting all its own heat onto everyone else. I’ve experienced the Museum Tower on a sunny day and it is, indeed, blinding–and not just at the Nasher. For a city with good civic vision right now (Dallas’s arts district and new park over Woodall Rogers are inspirational), this is becoming a tedious distraction.

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