. . .might be good . . .might be gone: Austin Art Mag on Hold After 200 Bimonthly Issues

by Bill Davenport December 2, 2012

After almost ten years,  . . .might be good, the bimonthly online magazine published by Austin’s Fluent-Collaborative, is going on hiatus for the foreseeable future. In a farewell editorial in the current 200th anniversary edition, editor Eric Zimmerman nods to the publication’s founders, supporters and history, but offers no explanations for the magazine’s demise.

A press release sent Nov 30 tells the old story: lack of financial support. Says Zimmerman: “we remain open to the potential reemergence of our publication and welcome any inquiries into providing sustained support. In spite of the financial backing offered by our readership and generous funders it has become increasingly difficult to maintain and grow the publication while preserving the independence crucial to its mission.”

Begun in 2003 by founding editor Regine Basha and Laurence Miller, . . . might be good strove to place Texas’ art scene into a larger national and international context, publishing earnest, academically-oriented reviews, interviews, essays and artist projects. In the words of Claire Ruud, editor from 2008-2010, the magazine “allowed a group of artists, writers, art historians, and curators in Texas to engage in critical conversations and connect to national and international art worlds. Without …might be good and ArtLies, which also folded last year, I certainly wouldn’t have been able to imagine myself staying in Texas after graduate school.”

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