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Remain Calm-Talento Bilingüe de Houston Announces Staff Shakeup

In a recent newsletter, Talento Bilingüe de Houston outlined a confusing staff scramble with the enforced calm of a flight attendant explaining that the wings have come off- including phrases like “as we know change in organizational structure is important in order to adapt”,”change also offers an opportunity to grow and improve the organization”, and “we thank you for your continued support of our programs and request your patience during this transition.”

Essentially, current executive director Christy Jennings is out-“transitioned to an advisory role.” Javier Perez will be TBH’s Managing Director during the transition period; Alex Hernandez, Facility Manager and Carlos Jesus Garcia, Interim Artistic Director. TBH replaced the spirited, but short-lived visual art curator Angel Quesada several months ago, he is currently collaborating with the “F Team” on the latest version of the Lawndale Mural.

Meanwhile TBH is putting on shows like this:

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3 Responses

  1. I am glad to inform that TBH is part of the Latino Cultural and Artistic mission that serves the community,we are working towards the changes to keep improving our services for the large group of Hispanic people living in Houston.
    We are actively opening our doors to different groups and association to have a more eclectic forms of expressions from different disciplines.
    We appreciate your interest and support.

  2. David Esquenazi

    I would hope that Cristy Jennings, in her role as advisory counsel will include expediting the outstanding monetary compensation of artists fees from the past season (still left unpaid) that provided the center with excellent services to the stage and gallery. So many people were left unpaid. Who is left accountable for this, I ask myself.

    After showcasing nationally renowned artists it’s a pity that, TBH, the only established latino theater in Houston has come to this…third rate (if that) art.


  3. Rachel Samaniego

    That sucks, I loved this place and what was happening over the past 2 years. I have been going to TBH for almost 10 years and thought that the stuff going on there was really edgy and of good quality. . . finally.

    Now I have learned that there is yet another change in the bumpy history of TBH. When will this place ever get it’s shit together? Such a nice hidden gem of a venue. Must be the board. hmmm. too bad. The shows that they are putting on are really quite lame recently, I doubt I’ll go back.

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