Guerrilla Pun Sculpture Removed: Carlsbad, CA Officials Deal with Fork Rebellion

City officials in Carlsbad, CA quickly removed a six-foot wooden fork from a traffic island (at a fork in the road, get it?) last week, but not before CNN got photographs. The city now faces an unexpected wave of humorous protest over the removal of a popular insta-icon.  The guerrilla sculpture was placed by a retired school teacher and his grown up son, who dressed as road workers for a daring daylight installation. Said the artist of himself: “I’m not an artist. I have no talent, but I’m not afraid to try, and I’m quite surprised that the fork came out as good as it did.” The city released it’s own statement: “Although the fork in the road remains, the literal fork was removed this morning. We appreciate the creativity, but it’s not legal or safe to put objects like this on public streets or medians.” After the city removed the giant fork, someone put up the following sign:

THAT sign was replaced with a conventional traffic sign, residents started taping forks to it.

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