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  1. Don Quaintance

    The photo of the Rice Museum crowd at the Machine Show got my attention. They’re watching Lucy and Neil Young’s “Fakir in 3/4 Time” (a.k.a “The Ribbon Machine”). The ribbon spins on a vacuum capstan at 100 mph, rotating the cylinder produces intriguing lariat and Mobius patterns in the air. All controlled by some simple analog knobs and switches, joysticks were yet to come.

    The student dweeb at the controls is yours truly. This was my very first job for a Menil enterprise. Little did I know that 43 years later I would still be toiling for the Menil Collection and still firmly under the spell of the Menil vision.

    It’s safe to say that what the de Menils brought to Houston still thrives in the DNA of Houston culture.
    Don Q

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