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Wanted: Awsomeness- New Giving Club Offers $1000 Reward

Bernadette Noll’s Urban Nature, Urban Kids Project was funded in July by Awesome’s Austin chapter.

The Awesome Foundation has arrived in Houston, and they’re handing out money. Here’s how it works: basically, it’s a micro-funding club; ten “trustees” get together, each donating $100 per month. They meet, consider applications from all and sundry¬† and hand $1000 to the awesomest. It’s not just arts- anyone can apply. The Awesome Foundation movement began in Boston and has handed out $286,000 so far among its 52 chapters in other world centers of awesomeness like Chicago, Grand Rapids, Boulder, Oahu, Halifax, and Sydney and Tel Aviv, and the awesomer cities in Texas like Austin and San Antonio. Surely there’s a catch?

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