Trensdspotter: Biennial Backlash in LA Times

Robert Boyd’s Gesture Illustrating Knee-Jerk Biennialism

Nearly a year after the Dalllas Un-biennial, The Los Angeles Times‘ Jori Finkel spots a trend against biennials’ “supersized display of art objects.” Elisabeth Sussman, who co-curated the Whitney Biennial this year “wanted to make the experience of going to this biennial different than any other.” The Hammer Museum and the Orange County Museum are rethinking their traditional biennial shows, others like the New Museum are going triennial. Site Santa Fe, losing audience share¬† in the glut, has stopped producing its trademark show, at least under its trademark name: “It will not be called a biennial. And it will not be called Site Santa Fe,” said Irene Hofmann, the space’s director.

Finkel goes on with a detailed resume of biennial history that puts the cycle of boom and decline in perspective.

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