Battleship Texas Band Aids: Leaks Plugged With Glue and Tinfoil

The venerable Battleship Texas, moored in a cubbyhole off the Houston ship channel is back in action after alarming  leaks in her rusty 99-year old hull last week threatened to sink her. Patched with $300,000 worth of aluminum plates (tinfoil compared with the ship’s 12″ thick  armor) and epoxy, the temporary patches have allowed the popular tourist attraction to re-open, as she waits for someone, anyone to come up with the estimated $100 million it would cost to permanently dry-dock her.

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4 responses to “Battleship Texas Band Aids: Leaks Plugged With Glue and Tinfoil”

  1. Surely there are 100 Navy vets who would come up with $1 million each for this project – Let’s begin with Navy Hero George HW Bush and then there is John Kerry, can we name more……..?

  2. $100M..this is an absurdly ridiculous number. Who/What source is this #?! I know we live in Texas and exaggeration is common, but this is assinine.

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