Houston’s Joe Furman Explodes Across Cyberspace with Snake Slurping Video

Houston artist/reptileĀ  hunter Joe Furman has hit the big time on YouTube- “Clelia Eats Bothrops,” one of the seventy or so reptile and amphbian videos he’s posted, has gone viral, garnering over nine million hits. Sure, it’s a snake eating another snake, but it’s nothing compared to the fantastically surreal, David-Attenborogh-meets-Monty-Python humor of other Furman classics like “Screaming Hairy Albino Armadillo (Halloween Mix)” or “Moths Drinking Beer! Live Action!” Go figure.

Furman, also a painter and cartoonist, has produced a couple of feature-length documentaries in a similar style, is currently putting the final touches on a comic book about some of his global animal hunting adventures.

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