Luce Mediates Nasher Glare Fiasco: Reasonable Settlement Looms, Threatening Sensationalist Media Circus

Bloomberg reports that representatives of the Dallas Police and Firefighters’ Pension Fund, which backed the disatrously reflective Museum Tower, are negotiating with the Nasher Sculpture Center to resolve the tower’s glaring into the Nasher’s building and grounds. Consultants have been hired.

Unfortunately for sensationalists, both sides have agreed not to comment to the media, except through a lawyer, Tom Luce, who has been hired to mediate the dispute, who said “Both parties are working in good faith to find a solution.”

Before the blackout, the DPFP had uploaded a video to YouTube in which chairman George Tomasovic reportedly outlined the pension plan’s position on the Tower debacle, but it’s been removed. In their most recent video, uploaded on May 4, Tomasovic defends the plan’s investment strategies, saying “Our investments are building America” “We’re not just investors, we’re builders.” but without referring to the Museum Tower directly.

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