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Glaring Oversight: Shiny Museum Tower Dazzles Lowly Nasher

G.J. McCarthy/Staff Photographer Dallas Morning News

Make sure to visit the Nasher next weekend while you’re in Dallas for the Dallas Art Fair to check out the glare. Reid Singer of Artinfo reports on trouble brewing between the Nasher Sculpture Center and developer John Suhgrue’s new Museum Tower next door. It seems the new building is too tall, and sometimes casts a shadow over the Nasher’s Renzo Piano building, and too shiny: its glass skin reflects too much glare into the Nasher’s sculpture garden and through its perforated roof. The controversy is especially embarrassing as Sughrue, a staunch arts supporter, is a co-founder of the Dallas Art Fair, which is partnering with the Nasher for next weekend’s hoopla.

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