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Fresh Arts Coalition and Spacetaker Merge

Jenni Rebecca Stephenson, New Fresh Arts Exec.

The Boards of Houston art-boosters Fresh Arts Coalition and Spacetaker have unanimously approved a merger of the two organizations.

The two orgs were of the same vintage, but had complementary niches. Fresh Arts Coalition, founded by Marita Fairbanks in 2002, was itself a collaborative of small and mid-sized Houston arts organizations aimed at marketing the importance of arts to the public; Spacetaker, founded by photographer David A. Brown in 2003, focused on providing resources for the professional development of individual artists.

The name of the organization will be Fresh Arts, with  Spacetaker’s current Executive Director, Jenni Rebecca Stephenson, as Executive Director. The 14 members of the new org’s Board of Directors will be drawn from both Fresh Arts and Spacetaker, with the leadership from both remaining on the board of the merged organization.

Stay tuned: until a website for the new organization is live, all merger news and updates will be posted to Spacetaker’s blog.

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  1. Clever Handle

    So now it’s a super organization that seems to get lots of grant
    money but no one knows what it actually does?

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