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Haley-Henman To Close Dallas Brick-and-Mortar Gallery

David DeSalvo and John Marcucci, co-owners of Dallas’ Haley-Henman Gallery have announced that they will close the gallery’s space at 3225 Hardwick Street in West Dallas as of February 29, 2012, to focus on art consultation, moving and installation, and possibly curating¬† pop-up shows. The departure from the bricks-and-mortar gallery business after five years is part of an effort at “redesigning its business plan to be more adaptive and resilient to the market place.”

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  1. David DeSalvo and John Marcucci

    I just wanted to let you know my thoughts and hugs are with you both on your new reorganization.

    I relate to what you must be going through.

    In the future as you get re-centered I hope you will keep me on your mailing list. If I can help with curating or any little thing, brainstorming, etc.

    Please, know I’ve appreciated what you do and thank you for your support of area artists.

    Have you visited, ever North Dallas. The PFAMily Arts, has a nice gallery in their
    Academy. I think the future is about collaboration.
    I ‘ve just curated an exhibit that has just come down there.
    Mr Bill Park is the Director there and is into Art, Theater and such.

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