Boyd Blog Draws Galveston Stump Map, Calls for Houston Tree Carvers

New-car owner and art blogger Robert Boyd has decided to  break in his wheels by cruising Galveston and  compiling an online map of  dozens of stump carvings, leftover Ike-killed trees transformed into folk art by a citywide initiative.  He  brought a camera along for the ride, and catalogues a few choice examples, suggesting that, with ten percent of Houston’s 660 million trees killed by last summer’s intense heat and extreme drought, we’ll be needing a Texas-sized crew of tree carvers here, too.

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2 responses to “Boyd Blog Draws Galveston Stump Map, Calls for Houston Tree Carvers”

  1. The map is a work in progress–only three of the 35 to 40 stump carvings in Galveston are on it. But I expect to expand that number over the course of the year!

  2. has published a really nice self-guided tour brochure with a map and does a good job crediting the artists.
    Perhaps Boyd should contact them. Their combined efforts might result in a great Google map and tree sculptures for Houston!

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