Quik Pic: The Pitfalls of Dreck

One pitfall of installing dreck on your campus is that future webmasters may feature it online, unwittingly delivering backhanded insults to your university’s programs.

also by Bill Davenport

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6 responses to “Quik Pic: The Pitfalls of Dreck”

  1. Wow. It looks like someone bronzed the cast of a Disney movie.

  2. Is it like the “Sound of Music” but more Happy?

  3. More like “Sound of Mucous”.

  4. I feel sorry for the poor children that had to die to make those bronze casts.

  5. The racial exclusivity of the work bothers me as much as its aesthetic poverty. That said, UNT has several decent sculptural works on campus. Too bad this one is at the university’s main entrance.

  6. give me a break… aRt is for everyone… not just YOU…. ” LET THEM EAT CAKE “

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