Center for Recycled Art Now Nonprofit, Opens Teacher Depot

Houston’s  fledgling Center for Recycled Art, an educational nonprofit that brings crafty activities featuring re-purposed materials to schools, hospitals and daycare centers, has been granted nonprofit status. This means that all those empty can, bundles of old newspapers, old textbooks, and other clean, art-worthy refuse are now tax-deductible when you donate them to the cause.

The Center runs a once-a-month teacher warehouse at MECA’s Dow Elementary School, where documented public school teachers can fill bags with cheap goodies for their classes.

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2 responses to “Center for Recycled Art Now Nonprofit, Opens Teacher Depot”

  1. And, for the record, the teachers’ warehouse is a huge boondoggle for those teaching art. I’ve bought scads of foam core, ribbon, medals (gymnastics, basketball, horse racing, etc), pens, markers, and paper which is essentially free ($5 for whatever you can stuff in a standard size grocery store paper sack) which has made it easy to provide supplies to students for in-class projects you haven’t even yet dreamed up!

  2. When does this even start? What time, so I can be early? :)

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