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Second Annual CounterCrawl Downtown Houston Oct 8-9

The second annual CounterCrawl prepares to collect un-gallery art, a lot of musical performances and an ever-increasing mob to a cityscape that may, at last, not be uninhabitably hot. This weekend, Saturday Oct 8 and Sunday Oct 9, marks CounterCrawl’s second year, although it’s hard to tell: one group of the loosely-knit collective that’s behind the event says it is planned for “every few months.”

There are a lot of semi-incoherent leaflets and flyers being designed: the most recent declares stops for the alt-bike-a-thon will be the Last Organic Outpost, the Compound, the Silo, and a couple of mystery venues, but all that’s certain is that the ride/party begins at 2pm on Saturday October 8 and goes on all night finally breaking up Sunday morning.

Here’s the schedule, as I’ve heard it:

Last Organic Outpost – 711 N. Emile

Lion among men 2-230
Sidewalk slammers 3-330
Radio flyer 330-415
Dayz n daze 415-5
Mystery Spot – Bikes-only

Kathy Faye, harpist & poet 530-6
Strap on pigeon 6-630
The Compound – 2305 Wheeler
630pm 945pm

Filthy Still 630-7
Free radicals 7-730
Bayuco social 745-815
Disfrutalo! 830-9
Papaya 9-945

Irene 630-7
Harold borup 720-750
Spiel 810-840
Vivian pikkles and the sweetheart uber alles 9-945
Silo – 415 Schweikhardt

Thomas Helton and Jonathan Jindra 1015-1045
Midmir 11-1130
LIMB 1145-1215
VRS 1230-1

Epul Roch- Guadalupe 1015-1045
Outer heaven 11-1130
NIKKHOO 1145-1215
Josiah Gabriel 1230-1
Vanguard Performing and Visual Art Studios – 910 Hardy
2am – ???
Enki enlil 2-230
Moths 230-3
Giant battle monster 3-330
Another Run 345-415
Devil killing moth 430-5

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  1. Kristen keilman

    The schedule has changed a little bit within the last couple of days but this is a pretty comprehensive schedule as far as times and locations go! Archie took lion among men’s spot, outer heaven is now known as vipers white crime replaced free radicals, and spiel dropped out but we are looking for a replacement as I’m typing! Thanks so much for the hype, we really love and appreciate our community and enjoy bringing all forms of Houston culture into the view of many who would not have known previously!

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