SketchCrawl: network of plein-air artists take over Houston, Dallas, and everywhere else Saturday.

SketchCrawl, the latest of a new breed of trademarked  “let’s all be individuals together” events spawned by the instant international communications network, is coming to Houston (and everywhere else) on Saturday, July 23. Here’s the deal: everybody gets together at a specific location in their city, sketches whatever’s around, then moves on en masse to another location, and repeats, uploading the resulting drawings to the inevitable website: The Houston branch of the event will meet at Inversion Cafe on Montrose Blvd in Houston at 9:30 am; in Dallas, where they’re not afraid of the heat, “around the Farmers market or in that area.” Plein-air artists are like mimes: once in a while, they’re an amusing curiosity, but when they start forming groups, something may have to be done . . .

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