SketchCrawl: network of plein-air artists take over Houston, Dallas, and everywhere else Saturday.

SketchCrawl, the latest of a new breed of trademarked¬† “let’s all be individuals together” events spawned by the instant international communications network, is coming to Houston (and everywhere else) on Saturday, July 23. Here’s the deal: everybody gets together at a specific location in their city, sketches whatever’s around, then moves on en masse to another location, and repeats, uploading the resulting drawings to the inevitable website: The Houston branch of the event will meet at Inversion Cafe on Montrose Blvd in Houston at 9:30 am; in Dallas, where they’re not afraid of the heat, “around the Farmers market or in that area.” Plein-air artists are like mimes: once in a while, they’re an amusing curiosity, but when they start forming groups, something may have to be done . . .

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