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Art Weirdness at Free Press Summerfest Houston today!

Amid the sweat, the crowds, the music, the warez, and the pythons, there will be art! Events collectively titled 060611 include Artist-engineers Johnny DiBlasi, Steven Kraig, Patrick Renner, Sam Singh and Eric Todd working together as Exurb Project have installed Noise Gates: doorways fitted with Theremins that manipulate movement into sound; Cody Ledvina, Brian Rod and Katie Haught will present
the John Grisham and The Ladies from the View Spirit Center. CORE Fellow Gabe Martinez will channel Thomas Paine and Jose Posada in his performance The Pamphleteer. Mauricio Menjivar, Hilary Hunt, Matt Manalo, Samantha Ruz, Mike Smith, Bryant Aguilar will build an interactive mural of Marvin Zindler; and then there’s Jack Eriksson’s Judy Blume Intimacy Pyramid, a hollow sculpture with two head-shaped access points, where viewers can about their changing bodies. Hear Our Houston, walking tours by Carrie Schneider; Melanie Jamison will collect pieces of wood from Eleanor Tinsley Park and along Buffalo Bayou while ritualistically garbed in construction tools. Y. E. Torres imposes her sensual snake-like movements, bizarre contortions and muscular belly dance technique on unsuspecting festival goers.

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