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Similar but Different #16: Mothers

Today I present Similar but Different #16 in honor of mothers everywhere who come in many shapes, sizes, species and even genders.

I’ll start with the story of one son’s unconditional love and then move on to a mix and mash-up of mothers. Tarnation is an amazing movie if you haven’t seen it yet.

Arshile GorkyArshile Gorky- The Artist and his Mother.

The New Mothers, From Sally Mann's "Immediate Family".

Patrica Piccinini

Mary Cassatt

Diane Arbus

Dorthea Lange

Iconic migrant mother Florence Thompson taken by Dorthea Lange. Click here for an excerpt from an interview with Thompson from the Dust Bowl Descent Interviews.

Kiki Smith- Born

Ron Mueck

One of my absolute favorite sculptures for scale and intimacy is a portrait of Ron Mueck’s mother-in-law, Untitled (Seated Woman) , on display at the Modern Art Museum of Fort Worth.

And finally a lesson on the importance of Mothers for all of you Mother lovers from Mr. T.
(Happy Mother’s Day Mom!)

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