Update: Artists strike back at Arthouse

Arthouse’s sudden elimination of their only curator, Elizabeth Dunbar, has sparked sudden protest among artists who fear that “without a clear creative voice, contemporary art institutions run the risk of recycling tired examples of national content” and are calling on artists who are participating in Arthouse’s upcoming 5×7 fundraiser to pull their work out of the event in protest.

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6 responses to “Update: Artists strike back at Arthouse”

  1. Now that’s wonderful logic. Arthouse has to cut expenses no doubt due to the lack of sufficient giving by Austinites so, in protest, local artists are trying to kill an upcoming fundraiser. Next, in protest, they should go ahead and rob Arthouse at gunpoint. Make ’em pay!

  2. Matt. Completely missing the point sir!

  3. Karma.

  4. Ah, yes, coming this summer: The Point, starring Selfim Portance and Consequin Ses B’damned.

  5. Yes, let’s ban together as artists and shut down one of the few art centers left in Austin so that we have no stimulation and no opportunities! That’s a greet idea!

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