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In 2010, Lane Hagood re-created the “Mary’s Mural”,  a former public icon and landmark of Houston’s Montrose neighborhood. The revived painting, made at the Johanna (an artist-run space in the city), served as a celebration of an unlikely masterpiece and a token of regret for its disappearance. The process of recreating the mural also commenced Lane’s most recent paintings – lovingly flawed fakes by the likes of Bosch, Velazquez and David .

See Lane’s works here: flickr.com/​photos/​yar/

also by Eileen Maxson
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    1. Hi – This is my first blog experience, I’m not sure this will end up in the right place. I love your brass chair. I have a very silimar chair in black wood, that is as light as a feather. I’ve been looking for a match to it, I’m glad to see they’re out there -I’ll keep searching. Great Blog.

  1. Jay

    “Lovingly flawed fakes”? There is no technical mastery, and no conceptual originality. So perhaps it’s a sincere attempt to copy… but they are “lousy flawed originals,” as they bear only the most superficial semblance of masterfully painted artworks.

    If you want to see technically skilled “slightly flawed” or “purposefully modified” fakes, look at Kathleen Gilje’s paintings: http://kathleengilje.com

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