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Patricia Hernandez’s Parody of Light opened last Friday at DiverseWorks. The show, an elaborate Thomas Kinkade spoof, got a ton of advance press, including a pick in GT’s Spring Preview. The show’s premise made for great copy and, thankfully, the exhibition didn’t disappoint. Hernandez created an elaborate environment in which to present her Kinkade “paintings” altered through strategic clown placement. In addition to a living room, bathroom and den featuring official Parody of Light paraphernalia, the exhibition boasted a "mall" with Parody retail and a "food court" that offered free hot dogs (!) at the opening. Check out the show in person, but here are some shots from the opening and a selection of exhibtion highlights.

Jack Massing admires the poignant clown imagery.

Shop 'til you drop.

Look! Motivational plaques!

Parody of Light products for every room in your home!

Laura Lark lounges in the Parody parlor.

Clint Willour and David Krueger beatified.

(Apologies for the low-res, early edition IPhone photos.)  

The Painter of Light himself is no stranger to spirits, hence his DUI arrest last summer.

Some of Hernandez’s co-conspirators…

The Paintress of Light…

Patricia Hernandez with complimentary hot dog.

Patricia Hernandez, Stairway to Paradise, 2010, 18x24


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