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Amon Carter goes digital

The Amon Carter Museum will use its recently awarded $150,000 Federal Digitization Grant from the Institute of Museum and Library Services to digitize and catalog nearly 25,000 "priority" photographs in its extensive collection, thus making them avaliable to a larger swathe of humanity. It’s one of the six IMLS grants for institutions in Texas, out of 178 nationwide. With roughly 10% of the US population in Texas, shouldn’t we have gotten 17? Hmm.

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4 Responses

  1. portafoy

    yes, if art worth digitizing and cataloging was spread across the country in swaths that mirrored population. But it isn’t.

  2. rainbird

    In my opinion, they aren’t worth it. This city (Fort Worth) just spent many bucks putting in parking meters in ‘front’ of the Kimbell and in back of the Amon Carter. I think the general population will be shoving quarters in those meters to enjoy that front lawn which belongs to the city of Ft. Worth.

    Fuck this city.
    Maybe the Amon Carter owns the meters.

    ‘Let’s do something about it!’…what a fucking joke.

  3. rainbird

    Why isn’t the Barnett Shale paying for the parking ( that used to be free) or any number of art grants or museum heating and cooling bills while they ruin the ground water and steal local peoples mineral rights? Where is all the Barnett Shale money going???

    I get it. Some questions are too big to answer.

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