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Work of Art: The Next Great Art Car

Oh lord won’t you buy me a Mercedes Benz…Janis Joplin

You ever watch an awesome commercial and not remember what it was advertising? That’s how I felt about last night’s episode of Work of Art and its many, many references to Italian automaker Alfa Romeo.

From the talk of "how much fun it was in the car" to how it was "so light and you feel suspended" to the contestants’ visit to the Alfa Romeo Forum in Manhattan, this episode was all about the Alfa Romeo. Alfa Romeo. Alfa. Romeo.

Was the product placement kind of gross? For sure. Maybe it’s just the Houston in me talking, but I think it would’ve been a lot cooler if the contestants had been allowed to transform the cars into art. Then they could’ve had a parade.

Instead we got a bunch of random works tied together by a weak theme, coupled with a completely perfunctory look at drama brewing back at the communal living quarters. What will happen now that Nicole has moved in with the other women? Goodness me, only time tell.

Didn’t that one contestant’s boobs look bigger than usual? And on top of that, he almost got eliminated. Hang in there, Mark.

In the end, it was Jaime Lynn who got the ax, which clears the way for my pick, Peregrine, to take it all. Not only was she again under the radar, but now she’s the only one left working at the intersection of cutesy and sexy.

I think Erik’s last episode is coming soon. It’s inevitable, and the whole outsider-meets-goth-meets-whatever thing has served its purpose. But what am I, a psychic octopus?


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