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Looking heavenward

Turrell fans and Quakers rejoice, James Turrell’s Skyspace in the Live Oak Friends Meeting House is open again after a more than two year closure. […]

Bright Lights. Big City. It’s Going to be Okay.

    It’s official. With almost a full month under my belt I now live in Austin and so I guess it is time I […]

Stuff to See

Yes, it’s a 1000 degrees outside but if you can just make it through the parking lot, these Houston spaces have great air conditioning – […]

“Luc Tuymans” at the DMA

In Luc Tuymans’ 1997 painting Der Architekt, a man wearing skis has fallen in the snow. Almost monochromatic, the image is rendered in frosty blues […]

Echt Adams?

Whether or not the $45 trove of glass photographic plates bought at a California garage sale is worth $200 million is still being debated. Some […]

Momma, don’t take my…

The last roll of Kodachrome film Kodak produced was developed this July. If you’ve still got some exposed Kodachrome in a drawer somewhere, one of […]

De-installing 101 Spring Street

Last month I took a break from Marfa and traveled to New York to volunteer for a week at 101 Spring Street. The Judd Foundation recently finished de-installing […]

Tonight in Dallas

D Magazine‘s Front Row blog launches its monthly film series addressing the question “What film do you believe people living in Dallas today need to […]

Cantanker Call

Austin-based Cantanker Magazine has issued a call for entries for its catalog and exhibition titled "The Ambiguous Object." Jurors for the project are Cook & […]

No Naked North Koreans

As questions about the competition arise, the Guggenheim’s YouTube video art Biennial has announced its panel of judges, which will include the likes of Laurie […]

Father Knows Best

In her blog, Regina Hackett takes on Donald Kuspit’s claim that "artists create but need the intelligence of critics to animate that creation" as she […]


  In an attempt to convey the stunningly wide editorial berth Glasstire has given me regarding subject matter for this blog, I decided to go […]

Spill CSI

Tar balls and sludge pools from the BP disaster are hard to miss but now black light is being used to find much more subtle […]

Trash Talking

In March, April and May, Brooklyn-based artist Bill Saylor lived and worked in Marfa as a Chinati artist in residence. Saylor took full advantage of the cavernous studio […]

Museum of Old and New Art stinks

With a subterranean building and an excess of controversial art (heavy emphasis on the scatological) Tasmanian mathematician and professional gambler David Walsh is opening the […]

Ancient Arabia

"Roads of Arabia" at the Louvre is, according to a New York Times review, filled with startling revelations. Containing hundreds of artifacts never before seen […]

Similar but Different #6: Books and Magazines

I am finally thinking about putting together my summer reading list (yes I know it’s already the end of July). I started by looking for […]

Mocking BP

Geekdom is skewering BP’s "incredibly amateur" Photoshopped spill response photos. Gizmodo has a detailed review of all the moronic errors (half a boat and a […]

Needs all the help it can get…

If you are actually still watching Bravo’s "Work of Art: The Next Great Artist" you may have noticed that the challenges, well, suck. Paddy Johnson […]


Paddy Johnson at Art Fag City takes on jargon-y art writing in "The Problem With Academic Language Isn’t Big Words." Her post got some great […]

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