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Work of Art: Twitter Party 2010!


Have you been watching Bravo’s Work of Art every Wednesday and felt alone…so, so alone? Never fear, Twitter is here.

Every week the Internet’s self-expression machine lights up with as much commentary and snark as folks can squeeze into 140 characters. All you have to do is search for the hashtag #workofart and you can watch it all go down live. Or if you want to be clever, you can search for #WorkoFart and get the same results.

DVR owners might want to stay away, as there’s a constant steam of spoilers for those who plan on watching the show later. That’s how I found out Judith was voted off the island before I actually watched the third episode, which was a bummer, but I also found out some of the show’s personalities have Twitter accounts themselves, which was a boon.

So what are these reality TV stars tweeting about? I just loaded up some impressions on Glasstire’s Twitter feed – maybe we’ll get a few replies! – but you can also examine the evidence below.

@JerrySaltz pretty much never updates his Twitter. Damn good chance he’ll never read this. #workofart

@PlumpRumpJumper, aka Erik Johnson, wants us to know he’s a Twitter novice. Cuz that’s his thing. That, and big butts apparently. #workofart

@NaoBustamante suggested better let-go lines than "Your work of art didn’t work for us." Thankfully she didn’t use our #WorkoFart joke.

@JohnParot comes across as a nice guy. #NothingElseToSay #workofart

@SimondePury is complete emptiness. He’s never tweeted either. #workofart

@PeregrineHonig is "interested in hermaphrodites and lilies." We prefer salamanders and cotton candy, but what can you do… #workofart

@MarkVelasquez has the most followers of any of the contestants. That’s gotta be worth something, right? #workofart


@KeithPlocek is also on Twitter. His tweets are way better than anyone’s on this show. It’s a scientific fact.

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