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Birnbaum questions Kimbell expansion

Charles Birnbaum, founder of the Cultural Landscape Foundation, sees the current economic downturn as a chance to  pause and reconsider the many aggressive museum exapansions happening or proposed. Criticizing Daniel Liebeskind’s new Denver Art Museum (who hasn’t?) he then points out how Renzo Piano’s recently unveiled Kimbell expansion in Fort Worth is eroding Loius Kahn’s lawn-loving original intent.

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  1. rainbird

    Fort Worth is going to lose it’s Central Park. And if this was New York’s Central Park, we wouldn’t be losing it. But because we are ‘Fort Worth ‘ and bless our ignorant hearts…we don’t knows or understand that our ‘last stand of Redwoods’ is being logged…..hell let them have it…. and be grateful that it isn’t a fucking gas well being put there.
    Bunch of fucking nitwits.

  2. rainbird

    … Right in front of the Kimbell which is also in front of The Modern!!…all parking lots currently…except for the John Peter Smith Oak tree….. maybe they could spare that. But no one is asking me.

    Therein (Thermin) lies the question, maybe bigger voices are required.

  3. theremin

    Sorry for the late response. I have been in the Davis mountains, with no internet, or cell phone reception. As the title suggests, I feel that erecting a Renzo Piano building next to Louis Kahn’s masterpiece is tantamount to putting a McDonald’s in the spot. Way overrated. The Kimbell has been successful because of its idyllic setting, and the new annex does not add anything but exhibition space to this, at great expense to the setting…

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