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Swedish cartoonist Lars Vilks was roughed up, but unharmed yesterday as a mob attacked him at a speech on artistic freedom at Uppsala University in Stockholm. According to the Associated Press, "police used pepper spray and batons to help him escape a furious crowd." Vilks, whose satiric  cartoons of Mohammad caused an uproar in 2006, is  determined to speak again, if opportunity presents.

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  1. Hills Snyder

    I agree with the views of Thomas Jefferson. I’d even draw him as a dog to give my support legs. Furthermore, in almost all situations, taking offense is a choice. The larger issue here (larger by virtue of being smaller), is neither religious dignity or freedom of expression, but attachment. The questions that all of these folks might should ask themselves are Why do I identify with this? Who do I become when I do so? Anyway, this is my take on it. The guy can draw and I like his sticks.

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