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The latest round of NEA grants for Access to Artistic Excellence, American Masterpieces, Arts on Radio and Television, Learning in the Arts for Children & Youth and Partnerships is out, and Texas visual arts orgs have got their share. As usual, education is where the money is:
Big Thought, Dallas, gets $25,000to provide inter-generational excursions to art centers for the economically disadvantaged.
Artpace, San Antonio gets $30,000 for outreach activities for youth.
Austin’s Arthouse got $25,000 for teen programs.
The Southwest School of Art & Craft, San Antonio, gets $35,000 to bring in artists with specialized knowledge in an arcane technical area for workshops.
Fort Worth Independent School District gets $30,000 to help students paint three murals.

There’s also a good deal of documenting, cataloging and preserving going on on the federal dime:
The Galveston Historical Foundation got $12,000 to support a symposium on the preservation of cast-iron storefronts.
The Dallas Museum of Art got $70,000 to digitally document and share exhibition catalogues and unpublished checklists.
The Houston Arts Alliance got $50,000 to identify, document, and present the varied folklife found in Houston.
Rice University, Houston, got $15,000 to support Explosion: East Asia Architecture Today.

The closest the grants get to direct support for artists is the $10,000 Houston’s Spacetaker gets for its Artist Resource Center, and, of course the Texas Commission on the Arts gets a whopping $1,075,500 for redistribution.

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