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First Night, Art Week, Art City Austin

Tonight at 7:30pm is the unveiling of Patrick Renner’s A Light in the Attic, a temporary installation in the historic 721 Congress St. storefront, Austin. It’s just one facet of the many overlapping art festivals in Austin this weekend. Art City Austin, a two-day event aimed at transforming downtown Austin into an urban art utopia (as opposed to a utopia of urban art) has sponsored some yarn-bombing by Magda Sayeg and a very large cardboard puzzle by architecture student Daniel Morrison. Art City Austin is April 24-25, and Art Week Austin is April 21-25, First Night Austin is tonight, Wednesday, April 21. Confused? Take it up with Art Alliance Austin.

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  1. salvo cheque

    Art City Austin is the 2 day ‘art fair’ occurring this weekend, April 24-25
    Art Week Austin helps introduce ArtCityAustin by programming exhibitions, studio visits, talks, etc in the week leading up to the festival.

    The two festivals happening this week, Art Week Austin and Fusebox (which you didn’t mention) are strategically cross-promoting some of their events.

    First Night Austin always occurs on December 31st. They are co-presenting P.Renner’s installation tonight independent of ArtWeekAustin or Fusebox.

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