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Barriers spark right-wing indignation

Barton Barriers, Stephen Dubov’s roadside public-art installation in Austin, has strangely become a focus of right-wing indignation. Conservative blogs are abuzz, and the pile of orange and white plastic barriers doesn’t even have a gay Jesus character in it! Coming on top of the recent cancellation of the production of "Corpus Christi" at Tarleton State University in Stephenville due to threats of violence, and the letter-writing campaign agaist Dallas curators involved in the Cowboy Stadium art project, it begins to smell of an old-fashioned election-year right-wing arts bash!

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  1. JMacIV

    Hi Bill. Thank you for linking to my blog. I’m always glad to know that people are reading it and that it sparks debate and conversation. However, you have misrepresented my blog as a conservative blog when it is not. It is a libertarian blog, not a conservative blog. I also feel you misunderstood the point I was trying to make with my post about the Barton Barriers. My complaint about the Barton Barriers was that it was partially funded by taxpayer money, it was not meant to “bash art” in general. While I do not consider the Barton Barriers to be “art,” if it had been completely privately funded I would have no problem with it whatsoever. I’m a fan of the arts and I have much respect for artist and their contributions to culture, but I do not appreciate having to subsidize their work considering our country’s fiscal mess.

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