Pics from a Modern Ruin


I just returned from attending Modern Ruin, a great experiment organized by Christina Rees and Thomas Feulmer. The two-day exhibition takes advantage of the never-used 1 million dollar WaMu branch at 5030 Greenville. The corperate franchise aesthetic provided a very bizarre backdrop for the experimentation of 15 artists remaking the space visually and behaviorly. Here are a few pictures from the event below:


Margaret Meehan, "Unbearable," aluminum blinds and grommets

Annette Lawrence, "Legacy Line," graphite and chnia marker around perimeter




Thomas Feulmer, "The Future," Performance – Distribution of 1 dollar bills




Christoph Trendel, Untitled, electric pump, handsanitizer, tree




Terri Thornton, "Push comes to Shove," Vinyl letters





Tom Orr, "Scratch," Reconstructed Cabinets (before/after)

also by Chris Jagers

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  1. the exhibit was amateur at best.

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