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Dubrowski new HCP director

Bevin Bering Dubrowski has been selected as Executive Director for the Houston Center for Photography, after a stint as interim director upon Madeline Yale’s resignation last year to pursue a Ph.D. Dubrowski, is a sixth-generation Houstonian, has a long history of service in the non-profit sector, serving on boards and committees at Trees for Houston, Rice Design Alliance, Tri Delta Art Show for Charity, and the Menil Collection. An artist herself, Mrs. Dubrowski also owns and operates Bevin Bering Photography, and was formerly Director of Bering & James, a commercial gallery in Houston specializing in emerging and mid-career artists.

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  1. mlanser

    How deep is too deep when measuring depth on 2D works (not referring to content)? The prospectus doesn’t really clarify “2D” but states that “mixed media” is accepted; if printing ink is considered one of the mediums accepted, and a print is collaged onto the canvas as an intetral part of the composition, adding minuscule depth to 1/50th of the overall surface, would it be disqualified as a “collage”? I suppose I’ll “just get it over with” and submit; I can always blame its collaged depth on its rejection. mf lanser

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