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The $50,000 Hunting Art Prize is celebrating its thirtieth year of spreading wealth and sour grapes throughout the art community (not to mention the gala awards ceremony everyone loves to hate). Open to Texas-based artists 18 or older and judged on a single two-dimensional painting or drawing. Submit your image by Monday, November 30 to compete. You know you’re going to do it, just get it over with.

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  1. mlanser

    How deep is too deep when measuring depth on 2D works (not referring to content)? The prospectus doesn’t really clarify “2D” but states that “mixed media” is accepted; if printing ink is considered one of the mediums accepted, and a print is collaged onto the canvas as an intetral part of the composition, adding minuscule depth to 1/50th of the overall surface, would it be disqualified as a “collage”? I suppose I’ll “just get it over with” and submit; I can always blame its collaged depth on its rejection. mf lanser

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