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Houston artist Cody Ledvina and  collaborator Curtis D’Costa have too much time on their hands. In addition to running the Joanna Art Space (Ledvina), their new Mega Fight Blog compiles YouTube videos of fights, real or staged. Obtuse, yet disturbing.

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  1. everett

    Inspiring piece Michael,
    Wow, I was just lying on my bed, in pain because my leg hurts–a little, thinking that I should have finished my laundry before my leg crapped out on me. Now I can’t. I read Cyborg, and got out of bed and am pushing through the “pain” Thanks for the perspective on pain.
    P.S., I say put a little faith in the bogeyman to mix it up a little !!
    Keep making your art!! we need it in our lives
    Everett, I love the photograph…

  2. Doris Murdock

    My husband, nicknamed ‘Iron Jim’ has been through 2 multiple bypasses, a stroke, is on his 3rd pacemaker, has a shunt running from his brain into his belly to relieve pressure from a slow-growing tumor, has had an aneurism tied off, and has made it to 67 and does appropriate exercise at a local gym.

  3. cattrud

    Bill that blog is disturbing! its just like all the other viral video blogsites out there, but in an ” fine art context” its real deep and also cause Cody is awesome! its amazing this artist has time to make a blogspot and do this along with all the other stuff out there to do in the Houston scene. great job Bill in spotlighting this.

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