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What We Talk About When We Talk About Lawndale

In honor of Clint Willour’s look at what Lawndale’s been doing in the past five years, a.k.a. “Lawndale Art Center 30th Anniversary Exhibition,” I thought it’d be fun to cruise the local art publications and see what the city’s critics have said when talking about the place over the same time frame. Here are eighteen quotes, completely ripped out of context.

Not all of the artwork going on view tonight at the Lawndale Art Center packs a punch. But that’s OK, because the Lawndale is packing punch — the spiked variety.
– Douglas Britt, Houston Chronicle, July 10, 2009
Moments later I found myself on the floor curled into the fetal position, desperately trying to conjure up a “safe place”, – i.e. Luby’s restaurant where I am served unlimited buffet of macaroni and cheese and fried okra. – Beth Secor, Glasstire, July 2009
If you live near U.S. 59 and Montrose, the last few months have been like living in a war zone. But soon, a phoenix of hope will rise out of the rubble. – Troy Schulze, Houston Press, June 10, 2004
The cards represent Lawndale’s friends at the time of the opening; the show will be updated periodically to reflect changes in the website’s contents. – Bill Davenport, Glasstire, November 2007
Artist Emily Sloan says that part of the piece was that "naturally or unnaturally, it would go away." But she didn’t think Lawndale would be the one to dismantle it. – Cathy Matusow, Houston Press, February 18, 2009
It was, by all accounts, an amazing performance and one that people are still talking about — even people who usually hate performance art. – Kelly Klaasmeyer, Houston Press, May 27, 2008
The Lawndale Art Center has come a long, long way since its genesis as an ad hoc, experimental space for graduate students of the University of Houston. Houston Chronicle, October 15, 2006
Lawndale Art Center’s newly remodeled space is pretty fabulous. But if you remember the old Lawndale or even the old, old Lawndale over near the University of Houston, you might be a little saddened by the clean, hip new space. – Kelly Klaasmeyer, Houston Press, April 14, 2005 
The Lawndale Art Center’s annual clusterfuck “The Big Show” is a popular open call exhibit attracting hundreds of entries from students, Sunday painters, established artists, and jokers. – Sean Carroll, Free Press Houston, July 2006
The Lawndale Art Center has survived Ike with no problems, but the building is still without power. – Douglas Britt, Houston Chronicle, September 18, 2008
Lawndale Art Center has been on something of a roll lately. – Rainey Knudson, Glasstire, March 2009
That’s right: He took telephone poles and made music boxes out of them. – Roy Neinast, Glasstire, January 2009
It’s not laziness, it’s crowdsourcing. – Bill Davenport, Glasstire, August 2008
I can’t beliieve no one has anything to say about this mess! – Eric D, Glasstire message boards, August 2008
Among them were cut-n-assemble finger puppets that caricatured both Bush and Kerry and bright orange fake tickets for gas-guzzling SUVs, along with a list of the worst offenders, such as the "I have a small penis" Hummer, which gets 6.8 miles per gallon, and the Ford Excursion, which clocks in at 10.8 mpg. – Kelly Klaasmeyer, Houston Press, October 28, 2004
A posse is being formed, and each character expresses support or hesitation about the proposed necktie party. – Bill Davenport, Glasstire, October 2007
Lawndale’s gotten a little static over their next round of studio residents. – Rainey Knudson, Glasstire, August 29, 2007
Lawndale 57, is looking much better than last year. With a face lift and a triple bypass surgery, it may be good for a few more decades. – Bill Davenport, Glasstire, December 2007

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