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Desperate times, desperate measures

"How to beat the recession: cut costs, slash prices, don’t lie and be creative," an online article from the Art Newspaper, offers frank advice to galleries from art world veterans. Among the tips for surviving the economic downturn, "let very qualified staff go very quickly and very brutally.” It’s grim reading.

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  1. rainbird

    10 lbs rice, 10 pounds dried beans, 10 lbs potatoes (Russet or Red), and assorted spices.
    That is a month’s worth of food for under $30. ( 2 weeks if you eat like me) depending on the spices you select. Spend the rest on ice and booze. Just finished reading ‘The Worst Hard Time’, about the dust bowl. I think we’ll be just fine.

  2. rainbird

    But store bought ice makes me feel rich.
    There is an ice-maker in the door of the fridge I bought in a snit, dinged and on sale from Lowe’s. I don’t have it installed because it will take someone to plumb a water source to the fridge. And I may have mangled the tubing trying to get it (the fridge) into the kitchen. I do however have many little cups of ice that make perfect snow cone ice. Drinks require ‘cubes’. I’m trying to get a plumber to install a great old sink that I found in the neighbor’s
    trash across the street, at my house. He says he’ll come sometime in August. I’ll ask about about the ice-maker then.

  3. Asshole

    Use plastic trays oh dear unless plastic trays leech some kind of hydrochemical into the cubes. I’ve been looking for a metal hammer with points on it to smash ice blocks into bits I had a wooden one for tenderizing meat but it soon flattened out against the ice.

  4. rainbird

    I have a leather hammer that was used to beat out metal. I found it in an abandoned paper mill. Beautiful thing it is too.

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