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The Armadillo is coming!

The Armadillo, a FEMA trailer transformed into a mobile, sustainable community garden and composting station by students and faculty from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, is making a Houston stop on it’s 6500-mile cross country odyssey, spreading environmental goodness and politically charged criticism. In addition to it’s July 2 appearance at Discovery Green park from 11-3 pm, The Armadillo will visit Baltimore, Washington, D.C., Atlanta, and New Orleans, where, for a twist of bitter irony, it will visit a trailer park where people are living in, of all things, FEMA Trailers!

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  1. Pat

    “50, so you know he’s committed”
    What a strange description of the artist on top of describing him as a student. Would you say this about the “old ladies’ who repeatedly take classes at Glassell after retiring? Are they more committed than those who study and make art before their latter years? These assumptions and vice versa do not benefit younger or older artists. I have not seen this show yet but I have seen these, or at least some of these, sculptures pictured above of Harper’s in other shows around Houston, so I know they are nice. It is definitely an improvement from the tire art recently in the same space!

  2. Rainey

    Touche, Pat.

    To clarify: sometimes people in their 20s go to grad school because they don’t know what they want to do with themselves and going to college/grad school is the thing one does in one’s 20s (if one can afford to). People getting a master’s later in life presumably have more of a life to give up to go to school — hence more commitment, as a rule.

  3. Asshole

    I know a woman who achieved a masters in philosophy at 65. Studied with a woman who’s mentor, a woman began writing books at 80 and wrote 4 very worthy ones.

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